A script to set up WAN/LAN/WLAN to get you started

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A script to set up WAN/LAN/WLAN to get you started


NOTE - This script only works on ROS 4.6 and higher

In version 4.6, MikroTik deprecated some commands. The script has been edited to support the new command set and consequently won't work on any version prior to 4.6. The method of checking the version number appears to be broken in 5.0beta2 and so there is no longer any check before the script is run. If you run it on a version <4.6, it'll just crash nastily instead.

The Explanation

I wanted a script which would set up a ROS box in a reasonably generic way, allowing it to be customised after all the samey-samey stuff had been done.

The script below allows the setting up of LAN, WAN (direct connect or PPPoE) and, optionally, WLAN. It is entirely driven by variables which are defined in the first part of the script.

A brief description of the functions configured:

  • Set password for admin user
  • Set up NTP client, including adding a script to ensure pool.ntp.org FQDNs are regularly resolved and updated
  • Set up NTP server on LAN/WLAN
  • Set up e-mail details (so the box can e-mail you)
  • Set up name servers
  • Set up PPPoE connection (optional)
  • Set up WiFi access point and bridge to LAN (optional)
  • Set up WAN and LAN addressing and default gateway
  • Set up DHCP server on LAN/WLAN (optional)
  • Configure NAT on LAN/WLAN (optional)
  • Set up basic firewall rules
  • Add and schedule script to ensure mail server FQDN is resolved regularly
  • Add and schedule script to ensure NTP servers FQDNs are resolved regularly
  • Add and schedule script to take system backup
  • Add and schedule script to run on boot to notify of reboot
  • Add and schedule script to monitor PPPoE connection and restart if we are allocated an address we're not expecting (useful for UK BT based ADSL circuits where BT decide to take over the connection every now and again) (optional)


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